Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Weekend is almost here

Another SWTOR beta weekend is coming up and I lucked out with an invite. It looks like this is going to be a huge beta weekend.

I have to admit that while I’m excited to have a chance to play the game, I’m hesitant to do too much. For one thing, I’m not going to play a class that I intend to play at launch. This means no Imperial Agent for me.

As each class has their own story and the choices/specialization makes variants to the story, it’s possible to see some differences if you played a class multiple times. I don’t know if there are enough differences to make it worth it for pure story purposes, though. If you wanted to play a different specialization, however, then it could be worth it. Therefore, technically, if a person played a Jedi Knight Sentinel in Beta he wouldn’t ruin the entire story for a Jedi Knight Guardian.

Either way, there are too many similarities for me to run around as an Imperial Agent Sniper and later play an Operative in the game. Too repetitive. And repetition can lead to boredom.
We don’t want that.

That’s why I’m glad that I wasn’t in the other Beta testing sessions. Sure, one would have been fun, but had I had access on and off for a year, it would have sucked out some of the fun. In addition, constantly starting over isn’t my cup of tea. I do plan to play multiple classes; of course, I just don’t see making multiple of the same class to play difference specialization.
Depending on what is implemented later in the game, it could be irrelevant. It’s always a possibility that players will get to trade a huge stack of credits for a new specialization or duel specs.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not going to race through this game like a caffeine-fueled Super Mario Bros. race (remember to earn those 99 lives) on a Sunday afternoon. Same goes for Beta.

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