Happy 35th, Star Wars!

Image“It changed everything,” my aunt told me in 2001. She was talking about the release of Star Wars, 35 years ago today. She described how movies just weren’t the same after seeing the explosive blockbuster. To her, it wasn’t just a movie; it was an experience.

I’ve been watching Star Wars longer than I can remember. I was born in early 1987, and my mother’s tapes were pretty much new. Now they’re good and worn. The Star Wars trilogy and Muppet movies were the only ones my siblings and I could always agree to watch. Many holiday celebrations involved someone making a Star Wars reference. The Christmas when my cousin broke out the Darth Vader lightsaber was particularly fun.

It’s impossible to imagine my life without Star Wars. Not only was a major player in my life growing up, but also it’s led to many friendships, some opportunities and meeting my husband. Like thousands of other fans, it’s part of who I am.

Happy 35th, Star Wars. May the Force Be With You now and for decades to come!


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