Origins Day 2 Recap

Yesterday started out with a walk around the convention center before attending a panel by Aaron Allston, hearing Allston, Michael Stackpole and Timothy Zahn talk about the Star Wars novels and listening to the first three chapters of Scoundrels.

Today was much different.

After deciding which panels to attend, I went to the Library to see if the Time-Traveled Tales anthology had gone on sale yet and to see who was around the area. I talked with Bryan Young for a while about his new book Operation Montauk, the frustration with losing a writing notebook, historical places to visit and other topics. Later, I stepped over to Aaron Allston’s table to have Outcast signed. I learned so much from him between our two conversations today and his panels. If you ever have a chance to attend one of his writing panels, go. Don’t think twice

At noon, I attended Michael Stackpole’s Characters panel. It was incredibly informative. Stackpole not only provided tips for creating good characters, but also described the pitfalls of each. His most important message of the panel was that a character must grow in the story.

Allston discussed Mood and Style this afternoon. Some highlights included tips on descriptions, dialogue and prose. Not only did he provide information on how to do it, he also explained how to edit to fix the prose and other problems.

It’s always an experience to walk around the exhibition hall at a convention. I don’t play any of the games that I saw, but the merchandise is quite a sight. In one corner was a Dr. Who wonderland while other area contained a company with great quality costumes. I didn’t make any purchases there. I did buy two books: Time-Travelers Tales by authors at Origins and West Ward Weird, a collection of sci-fi meets the old west stories.

If you are at Origins tomorrow or Sunday, be sure to check out all of the authors in the Library.

Look for coverage and discussion of the panels over the next several days.

Check out Toche Station for a recap of “Steal an Hour of Timothy Zahn’s Life” and the impromptu Q&A with Allston.



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2 responses to “Origins Day 2 Recap

  1. Jaime

    That sounds awesome. I wish I was there.
    And I’m looking forward to more info from you on Allston 😀

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