SWTOR: Character transfers June 12, Patch 1.3 announced

Those curious about Star Wars The Old Republic can play for free—up to level 15—in July. Depending on how fast a player levels and what quests he completes, he should end somewhere near the end of the second world. Some may end up with their ships.

Let’s be honest. BioWare/EA needs to do something to bring players back to the game. Even though I cancelled my subscription, I have some times left so I logged on last night. I played the smuggler over on Hoth for a few hours. While playing, I remembered why I enjoyed the game. Then I went to the fleet to complete Chapter 2 of the story and amount of people on the fleet reminded me why I quit. Four. Four people and all four were in my guild.

Character server transfers are supposed to start June 12. Thankfully, BW and EA planned so people can’t pick a server that they think will contain a high population.

From SWTOR.com:

Therefore, we made the decision to strictly limit the initial phase of the Character Transfer Service to only allow transfers from selected groups of origin servers (where you’re moving a character from) to selected individual destination servers (where you choose to move a character to) based on the player populations of the origin and destination servers. In some cases, a large number of origin servers will be eligible to move to a single destination server. In others, very few origin servers will be transferring to existing high population destination servers. Remember, the goal here is to push almost every destination server to an active population that’s higher.

While the transfers are the immediate concern, additional content is also an issue. At E3, fans received details about patch 1.3: Allies. Features include a group finder feature, new unlockables for the Legacy system (including using a speeder at level 10) and adaptive gear among other things. With the transfers, people should be able to play Flashpoints, Warzones and Operations. Being able to play the content could make a huge difference in the number of players that stick with the game.

My decision to resubscribe lies in the success of character transfers. I need to be able to join a PVP or Flashpoint without sitting around for an hour. As I’ve said before, the game is fun, but it needs people there. A huge content update would help, but content doesn’t do any good if no one is around to play it. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope that the transfers do start on June 12.

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