Seattle is still on.

Racheal’s hubby here again.  With the support of Tricia and Southwest willing to switch the airline reservation, Racheal will be represented at the convention next month.

I will be taking her place on the panel and hope I can hold my own.  I feel as though I knew Racheal well enough that I can express her opinions as well as my own.

I look forward to meeting everyone before and after the panel and hopefully it will be a good time even though there will be an air of sadness around it.

But I don’t want the whole panel to revolve around Racheal’s tragedy.  Yes, there is a time and place for talking about that at the convention, I’m sure.  But this panel has been in the works for many months before and I don’t think Racheal would want it turned on its head.

She would have never wanted that, even in life for something to be all about her.  Except our wedding. 🙂

This will be a time to celebrate Star Wars, female characters, and Racheal as well.  I’m just happy that I can fulfill this for her.  She never got excited about a lot of things in life, but she was truly excited about this trip.  I know she will be there with us all and hopefully when I don’t know what to say on the panel, she’ll be there to tell me to “Use the Force, Joao.”


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4 responses to “Seattle is still on.

  1. Mary

    Joao, I look forward to meeting you. Racheal would be proud and I’m sure you will do a terrific job. We all look forward to meeting you!

  2. Mike The Jedi Hermit

    You’ll be great like you were on the podcast. Glad to hear you could represent her. The force and Racheal will be with you,always.

  3. Allie Walker

    You will be great! She will be proud of you, I’m sure.

  4. Kay

    So glad to hear you’re going!

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