You just can’t understand

To everyone who says Hayden Christensen was too immature and whiny over being worried over losing Padme and then losing Padme, I have to wholeheartedly disagree. There is no rationale. “You will not take her from me!” is fitting to a ‘T’. He wasn’t being a child when he muttered those words… He was being an irrational man who was in love. And love isn’t rational. So for those who don’t like his performance, you just can’t understand then.

Say what you will about the rest of George Lucas’ writing or creative decisions when it came to the prequel trilogy, at this point, those arguments are so old and pointless, they border on being petty and stupid.

But I’ve always held firm to the idea that Hayden was portraying Anakin in the way he read him on paper.  Racheal would have referred you to “Life as a House” if you really thought Hayden was a bad actor.  Isn’t it just possible he was portraying Anakin in the way George Lucas wanted Anakin to be portrayed?

I’m 29 years old folks and two weeks ago when I walked into that private room in the Emergency Room at Community Hospital in Anderson, I asked if Racheal was okay.  I didn’t receive and answer and immediately asked if she was alive.  I received a shake of the head “no” from her mother who was already in tears.

I screamed, “noooooo” several times, probably as loud as I could manage at that point.  I said something along the lines that, this must be a dream or a nightmare, again I receive a shake of the head, “no”.

I fell to the floor like a child who wasn’t getting a toy at the grocery store.

So please, the next time you tell me that Hayden Christensen’s acting wasn’t up to par when it came to his dramatic stressing over Padme… You just can’t understand.


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3 responses to “You just can’t understand

  1. Allie Walker

    I never thought he was overreacting. I’m sorry that you had to find out what it feels like.

  2. Jaime

    *hugs tight*

  3. Sheri

    To love is to understand

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