The Dark Knight Rises (Warning: Spoilers)

If you haven’t seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ yet and you plan on seeing it, please be warned that spoilers will ensue.

First of all, it was good.  It definitely had a more ‘Inception’ feel to it, with the twists and turns.  I thought it was a totally different movie than the first two when it came to cinematography and tone.  I’m not ready, just minutes after finishing the movie to anoint it better than ‘The Dark Knight’.  Heath Ledger was just too epic in that movie to simply write it off as the second best in the trilogy.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kile was a strong character and I was pleased to see that we didn’t need to be introduced to her character with some overly dramatic, supernatural transformation.  Obviously that doesn’t fit with these Batman movies anyway, so it was never a real threat of happening.

She has a wicked tongue, cat-like agility, and is somewhat of a petty criminal as the movie begins.  She is not without fear though.  The character Bane played by Tom Hardy certainly intimidated Selina.  Still through her fear and overcoming her own selfishness, she turns from criminal into heroine.

Yes, she also wears a black, skin tight outfit and is obviously the sex appeal in the movie.  I’m not sure how Racheal would feel about her character as a whole.  Overall I think she would have liked her.  You cannot compare the Michelle Pfieffer, Catwoman from ‘Batman Returns’ to this version.  Pfieffer’s character goes through a supernatural change that makes her a heroine/villain in the Tim Burton movie.  She is much more over the top, but it worked for that film.  While that movie was good in its day, it seems utterly ridiculous now upon viewing.  (Rocket launchers strapped to Penguins???)

Overall, Anne’s inclusion into the movie was seamless.  Sure, some of her lines were corny, but Batman gets cornier lines that fall flat and are not even clever.  At least Selina’s lines were somewhat funny and dare I say sexy?  Yes, it’s okay for women to be sexy and to use that “power” if you will, to get things done.  As long as it isn’t overdone and glorified, I think that is something that will always be around when you are talking about a young, strong heroine.  Even in ‘The Hunger Games’ (One of Racheal’s favorite stories), Katniss is loved by two different suitors who feel the need to be protective over her.

The major twist in the movie happens when you find out that Tom Hardy’s character Bane is not actually the mastermind villain.  But instead Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter is revealed, Talia al Ghul, who was going under the name of Miranda and actually infiltrates Bruce Wayne’s trust and business.  Marion Cotillard’s character has somewhat of a minor role in the movie until the very end.  

As a female villain, she sleeps with Bruce Wayne to make a more personal connection to him, assuring that Batman will try to save Miranda from the evil Bane later in the movie.  I imagine there could be many different opinions on her doing this.  But the simple fact to me is, Bruce Wayne is a person.  A person who has lost nearly everyone close to him during the events of his life.

As a human myself, and a man, like Bruce Wayne, being intimate with someone does bring you closer.  A trust, even if misguided is built upon that.  So through human nature, Talia al Ghul’s action to sleep with Bruce makes a lot of sense for her character to do.

Her plot is much more horrifying than what her father, played by Liam Nesson tried to do in ‘Batman Begins’.  Unlike Ra’s and The Joker, Talia doesn’t want Gotham to tear itself apart.  She simply plans on destroying it to mere ash.  She obviously wanted Bruce to watch Gotham fall to ruin before it was blown up though, otherwise there in lies a major plot hole.

So the box office smash trilogy ends with a female villain outsmarting Batman through the entire movie.  It is only through his gadgets and toys that Batman is actually able to defeat Talia and the League of Shadows and save Gotham.

Overall, it was a good way to end this chapter of Batman.  Undoubtedly, we will see a new Batman series come along in the years to come with a somewhat new story line and a new cast.  But for now, Christopher Nolan has stamped himself as an iconic director with this trilogy, along with his stand alone movie, ‘Inception’.


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2 responses to “The Dark Knight Rises (Warning: Spoilers)

  1. Allie Walker

    I really liked the movie as well. I think Bane vs the Joker is safe to say the Joker was more charismatic (and insane), and also more fun to watch. He was also a little scarier. Bane was a really good and creepy villain, but not quite as good overall as the Joker. He was more of an equal (physically) for Batman though. Thank goodness they completely rewrote Bane from the mess he was in the Joel Shumacher movie.

    Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was very convincing. Although I admit, I sort of liked Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance. She was a little crazier. But Anne’s Catwoman made more sense.

    On a more personal note, it was hard watching this one without Racheal with us, especially having seen the last one all together. I don’t know exactly what she would have thought about the movie, but I bet it would have been brutally honest. I can almost hear her making jokes about Christian Bale’s gruff “Batman” voice. Maybe she was with us after all, in some way.

    Great post and your thoughts on the movie were all spot-on! I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Allie Walker

    Oh and Jason and I both liked the twist at the end with the actress from Inception. Totally didn’t see that coming.

    I liked the ending scene in Paris too. Good wrap-up ending.

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