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Canonize Racheal Elizabeth Ambrose-Stinson into Star Wars!

I’m starting a campaign on Facebook.  Call me a dreamer but I want Racheal to be immortalized forever as a canonized Star Wars character.  I’m asking people to friend me on Facebook, the Facebook group is Canonize Racheal.

Search it, join it, add comments.


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The Dark Knight Rises (Warning: Spoilers)

If you haven’t seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ yet and you plan on seeing it, please be warned that spoilers will ensue.

First of all, it was good.  It definitely had a more ‘Inception’ feel to it, with the twists and turns.  I thought it was a totally different movie than the first two when it came to cinematography and tone.  I’m not ready, just minutes after finishing the movie to anoint it better than ‘The Dark Knight’.  Heath Ledger was just too epic in that movie to simply write it off as the second best in the trilogy.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kile was a strong character and I was pleased to see that we didn’t need to be introduced to her character with some overly dramatic, supernatural transformation.  Obviously that doesn’t fit with these Batman movies anyway, so it was never a real threat of happening.

She has a wicked tongue, cat-like agility, and is somewhat of a petty criminal as the movie begins.  She is not without fear though.  The character Bane played by Tom Hardy certainly intimidated Selina.  Still through her fear and overcoming her own selfishness, she turns from criminal into heroine.

Yes, she also wears a black, skin tight outfit and is obviously the sex appeal in the movie.  I’m not sure how Racheal would feel about her character as a whole.  Overall I think she would have liked her.  You cannot compare the Michelle Pfieffer, Catwoman from ‘Batman Returns’ to this version.  Pfieffer’s character goes through a supernatural change that makes her a heroine/villain in the Tim Burton movie.  She is much more over the top, but it worked for that film.  While that movie was good in its day, it seems utterly ridiculous now upon viewing.  (Rocket launchers strapped to Penguins???)

Overall, Anne’s inclusion into the movie was seamless.  Sure, some of her lines were corny, but Batman gets cornier lines that fall flat and are not even clever.  At least Selina’s lines were somewhat funny and dare I say sexy?  Yes, it’s okay for women to be sexy and to use that “power” if you will, to get things done.  As long as it isn’t overdone and glorified, I think that is something that will always be around when you are talking about a young, strong heroine.  Even in ‘The Hunger Games’ (One of Racheal’s favorite stories), Katniss is loved by two different suitors who feel the need to be protective over her.

The major twist in the movie happens when you find out that Tom Hardy’s character Bane is not actually the mastermind villain.  But instead Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter is revealed, Talia al Ghul, who was going under the name of Miranda and actually infiltrates Bruce Wayne’s trust and business.  Marion Cotillard’s character has somewhat of a minor role in the movie until the very end.  

As a female villain, she sleeps with Bruce Wayne to make a more personal connection to him, assuring that Batman will try to save Miranda from the evil Bane later in the movie.  I imagine there could be many different opinions on her doing this.  But the simple fact to me is, Bruce Wayne is a person.  A person who has lost nearly everyone close to him during the events of his life.

As a human myself, and a man, like Bruce Wayne, being intimate with someone does bring you closer.  A trust, even if misguided is built upon that.  So through human nature, Talia al Ghul’s action to sleep with Bruce makes a lot of sense for her character to do.

Her plot is much more horrifying than what her father, played by Liam Nesson tried to do in ‘Batman Begins’.  Unlike Ra’s and The Joker, Talia doesn’t want Gotham to tear itself apart.  She simply plans on destroying it to mere ash.  She obviously wanted Bruce to watch Gotham fall to ruin before it was blown up though, otherwise there in lies a major plot hole.

So the box office smash trilogy ends with a female villain outsmarting Batman through the entire movie.  It is only through his gadgets and toys that Batman is actually able to defeat Talia and the League of Shadows and save Gotham.

Overall, it was a good way to end this chapter of Batman.  Undoubtedly, we will see a new Batman series come along in the years to come with a somewhat new story line and a new cast.  But for now, Christopher Nolan has stamped himself as an iconic director with this trilogy, along with his stand alone movie, ‘Inception’.


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Black Widow movie

Trying to stay with the main theme of Racheal’s blog here, I thought that it would be really cool if they made a Black Widow movie.  If you look at the success of the Avengers, and how much screen time she received in that movie, I think it’s a fair bet that a movie where Scarlett Johansson was the main star would thrive and make big money.

After searching on the internet for about a second, I found out that there seems to be a movie in the works for her and it will be a prequel about how she came to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and her past.  

We’ve seen a few female superhero films in recent years if you go back to Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” and Jennifer Garner’s “Elektra“.  Neither were well received overall and did minimal damage at the box office.

But now, looking to the future of a possible Black Widow movie, that trend could easily be stomped out by Ms. Johansson and the Marvel movie makers.  Like Jennifer Garner’s “Elektra”, this would be a spinoff, as she first appeared in “Daredevil” with Ben Affleck.  The only difference here is, the “Avengers” and the movies leading up to it have been well received overall and have been box office money makers.  The “Daredevil” movie doesn’t even have a cult following to my knowledge.  

Even Halle Berry as Catwoman could be seen as a spinoff, as she comes from the Batman universe.  By the time this movie had come out though, Batman had already seen the ridiculousness of Arnold as Mr. Freeze and George Clooney’s bat nipples.  “Catwoman” was doomed to fail because of the ground work that had been laid before it.  

I think Black Widow could be an amazing character as a standalone.  Scarlett obviously has the physical appeal to attract the male audience and the kick ass moves that make her much more than a sex symbol.  

Widow would obviously have tremendous momentum coming off the “Avengers” and to see her fight a superhuman villain would be tremendous, as she really has no super power.  I think with the right villain, it could be a great contrast of styles on how she would defeat her foe.  


If anyone could pull it off and cement a true success for a female superhero movie, I think Scarlett Johansson and the Black Widow are the ones who can do it.  The “Avengers” isn’t just for comic book geeks, it’s mainstream.  

We’ve seen Katniss Everdeen’s success at the box office as a heroine.  I think it’s time the comic book movies have their first true success story of this generation.  


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You just can’t understand

To everyone who says Hayden Christensen was too immature and whiny over being worried over losing Padme and then losing Padme, I have to wholeheartedly disagree. There is no rationale. “You will not take her from me!” is fitting to a ‘T’. He wasn’t being a child when he muttered those words… He was being an irrational man who was in love. And love isn’t rational. So for those who don’t like his performance, you just can’t understand then.

Say what you will about the rest of George Lucas’ writing or creative decisions when it came to the prequel trilogy, at this point, those arguments are so old and pointless, they border on being petty and stupid.

But I’ve always held firm to the idea that Hayden was portraying Anakin in the way he read him on paper.  Racheal would have referred you to “Life as a House” if you really thought Hayden was a bad actor.  Isn’t it just possible he was portraying Anakin in the way George Lucas wanted Anakin to be portrayed?

I’m 29 years old folks and two weeks ago when I walked into that private room in the Emergency Room at Community Hospital in Anderson, I asked if Racheal was okay.  I didn’t receive and answer and immediately asked if she was alive.  I received a shake of the head “no” from her mother who was already in tears.

I screamed, “noooooo” several times, probably as loud as I could manage at that point.  I said something along the lines that, this must be a dream or a nightmare, again I receive a shake of the head, “no”.

I fell to the floor like a child who wasn’t getting a toy at the grocery store.

So please, the next time you tell me that Hayden Christensen’s acting wasn’t up to par when it came to his dramatic stressing over Padme… You just can’t understand.


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Seattle is still on.

Racheal’s hubby here again.  With the support of Tricia and Southwest willing to switch the airline reservation, Racheal will be represented at the convention next month.

I will be taking her place on the panel and hope I can hold my own.  I feel as though I knew Racheal well enough that I can express her opinions as well as my own.

I look forward to meeting everyone before and after the panel and hopefully it will be a good time even though there will be an air of sadness around it.

But I don’t want the whole panel to revolve around Racheal’s tragedy.  Yes, there is a time and place for talking about that at the convention, I’m sure.  But this panel has been in the works for many months before and I don’t think Racheal would want it turned on its head.

She would have never wanted that, even in life for something to be all about her.  Except our wedding. 🙂

This will be a time to celebrate Star Wars, female characters, and Racheal as well.  I’m just happy that I can fulfill this for her.  She never got excited about a lot of things in life, but she was truly excited about this trip.  I know she will be there with us all and hopefully when I don’t know what to say on the panel, she’ll be there to tell me to “Use the Force, Joao.”


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From Racheal’s Husband

This is Racheal’s husband,

I just thought I should inform anyone who knows Racheal online, that she passed away this evening in a car accident at the fault of another. Unfortunately this isn’t what I want to be doing right now, I want to be watching King of the Hill and American Dad with her right now on the couch.  But I just thought it was fair for her readers and online friends to know what happened and that she didn’t disappear off the face of the Earth.

She also had plans to go to Seattle to be on a panel at Geek Girl Con and just received a very special gift today that she never got to read. 


I’m not sure how to contact you, the person in charge of the panel, so if you will please email me at I can give you my phone number and we can speak if need be.





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